What is a Talisman?

A talisman is an object which is created to have or be imbued with certain magickal properties in order to bring good luck and/or protection for its owner. Each of our amulets has been designed with certain energies in mind, but you may also find your own meanings as they speak to you. Focused intent is the source of magick.


What are they made out of?

These pieces are made of bronze – in fact, the closest formula you can get to the bronze of the Ancient Romans. They are made using a lost wax process – all worked and finished lovingly by hand, so each is unique and subject to slight “imperfections” intrinsic to the process – and part of their beauty.


What do I do with it?

These pieces can be worn as pendants (as a necklace), incorporated into an item of clothing you wear regularly (like a coat, hat, or on a purse), hung on a wall, suspended from a window or doorway, placed on an altar, etc.

The Monad Rising Talisman Collection

The first pieces were cast during the Waxing Moon and finished on Walpurgis Night. Each Talisman comes in its own pouch, along with information about it. Depending on the design, they currently come in two finishes: "natural" bronze with a light polish, and "blackened" bronze with edge polishing.

Gnostic Eye

Gnostic refers to possessing intellectual or spiritual knowledge – combined with the Eye of Understanding that sees in all directions. Its shape is reminiscent of the Ouija planchette, halved and re-arranged again to say, the guiding voice comes from within, not without. A pair of tears frames the Eye, symbolizing release and cleansing. This pendant aligns with balance, wisdom, empathy, truth, and strength. Approximately 2.125" long by 1.25" wide, 1/16" deep. (53mm x 32mm x 2mm).  $45.00 each



Seeker's Key
An aid to unlock the mysteries of our worlds. The design features the Eye that protects while also promoting inner reflection, bringing about revelation. The key is illuminated by a shooting star, guiding the way by blazing a trail. This talisman helps to balance the path of those who seek – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Approximately 2.75" long by 1.25" wide, 1/16" deep. (69mm x 31mm x 2mm). $55.00 each




The Alchemist, the Fey, and Divine Sacrifice each in turn seek eternity, mystery, and ecstasy in the crucible of the heart. The heart is topped with a shape that harkens to a crown, a sword-hilt, as well as an anchor, set with an Arrow of Origin. Within the center of the heart, we see a drop – be it of blood, tears, or a magical potion – balanced between opposing crescent moons, crossed with destination, and grounded by bulb or sensor. This talisman speaks of the power of love, and that out of pain comes growth and new beginnings. It brings resolution of the past, protective power over fear, and blessings of hope.
Approximately 2.5" long by 1.75" wide, 1/16" deep. (60mm x 42mm x 2mm). $65.00 each

Lunar Mark

All waxes and wanes – from the darkest to the fullest. The arrow/spearhead shape of this pendant balances masculine and feminine properties, and features lunar phase symbols orbiting at crossroads. The twin running arrows direct grounding energy and represents converging points, bringing perspective. Eight full circles represent stability and ward against evil. In finding direction, we not only discover where we journey to, but where we come from.  Approximately 3.25" long by 1.875" wide, 1/16" deep. (78mm x 33m x 2mm). $75.00 each


 The crux of creation is where sensuality meets the essence of power. The shape of this talisman pulls from Neolithic goddess imagery – abundant yet pointed to become one with the earth. Lunar and solar symbols balance between cycles of renewal and creation. This pendant is intended to bring inspiration and creativity, help foster inner strength and self-esteem, while protecting and guiding the wearer.
Approximately 3.25" long by 1.75" wide, 1/16" deep. (80mm x 43mm x 2mm). $85.00 each