What is a sigil? It is a carved, drawn, or painted symbol that is believed to have magickal properties. Magick is the art of focusing one's will or intent in order to bring about change.  So sigil magick is creating specific symbols to influence a person, situation, or environment.

As both an artist and a Witch, finding power in the drawn line is something that has always come naturally to me.  I'm happy to offer among my services custom sigilwork.

The accompanying gallery is just a small sample of sigils I have created for clients. The client receives two digital versions (actual scan of the drawing and a digitally styled version), and may use them for any personal (non-commercial) needs (including tattoos!)

Sigils are $75 per most small-medium designs (as pictured ere) and may take 2-6 weeks depending on our event schedule. You can request a custom sigil through the contact form, and we'll get back to you with the details.

You can also become a Patreon patron starting at $5/month to request a sigil. If you're looking for something to use as a logo or brand, the rate is higher and involves licensing details so you may use it for those purposes.

Custom Sigils