Altar Cloths

New for 2018!

I've always wrapped my Tarot cards up in fabric that I silkscreened myself over 20 years ago, and for years people asked me to offer cloths that could be used for altars and for wrapping tarot decks and/or laying out a spread. Finally, we have found the right fabric to print on and designed a a new image to adorn it. Introducing the first design: "Arcana."

These beautiful cloths measure 20" x 20" and are made of black 100% cotton twill with folded hemmed edges. The fabric is a nice weight (not too heavy, not too light) - think fancy restaurant napkin linen, but smoother to the touch. The design is professionally silkscreened by hand in a silvery gray (non-metallic so it will last longer and capture more detail of the art).  They are available into two orientations: square (shown to the right) and diagonal (below).

These cloths will premier at PantheaCon. You can select to pick it up at PantheaCon, or mailed to you ($6 additional, US shipping only).  If you wish to order more than two cloths, or need international shipping, please contact us before ordering.

$35 each

Pre-Orders are now closed!  Thank you!  You can pick your order up at PantheaCon if that's what you specified, or it will be shipped to you after we get back from ConVocation on 2/27!

We will offer regular stock again in March!