The Birth

The setting: a hotel room at PantheaCon 2014.

The characters: Anaar, Tempest, and a bottle or 3 of wine.  Possible other witnesses and whiskey may have been involved.

The revelation: Fashion offerings in the Pagan Community really haven't changed much in decades.

The challenge: To design and offer comfortable yet chic pieces - ranging from ready-wear to couture, and accessories - all possessing an esoteric edge.


The Name

After the challenge was accepted, a name was required to set it all in motion. Something involving magick and mystery, art and our own paths.  One thought was a play on the word “Imagine”  - Imagdjinn – also being “image djinn” - which seemed very appropriate for fashion, but there were all sorts of brands out there with similar names.  From there, we pulled from Anaar's Japanese background for mago (concerning the root for witch, sorcerer, etc) and djinn from Tempest's Mediterranean background (djinn – Arabic for "the hidden", and pre-Islamic in nature, referring to the old gods/spirits of an area) to create Mago Djinn.  It is pronounced "mah-jo gin."


The Sigil

The logo image for Mago Djinn is a sigil, which is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.  Contained within the sigil is an "M", a "D", an eye, an origin crossroads, signs for the elements and directions, and Gemini stars balancing "above" and "below."

Our Line
Integral to Mago Djinn are beautiful items that are high quality, limited in quantity/production, and unique.  Whenever possible, we strive to source and produce our materials in the United States, and they are finished by hand.  We also like to reclaim/upcycle used and vintage items when available, adding to the uniqueness of our line.  All of our manufactured line items (castings, silkscreened readymade items, etc) are available for only a limited time.  This means we release new products seasonally (particular in accordance to the Wheel of the Year), but as with all things in life, there is a small window of opportunity to take advantage of.  Lastly, and most importantly - we wish to create items that you will truly cherish, enjoy, and help you find your own magick.